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Fagus sylvatica

A large, vigorous deciduous tree with a broad, spreading crown. Leaves broadly elliptic, yellow-green in...

  • Pot Size2L pot10L pot

Festuca gla. Blue Fox

Ornamental grass forming a compact tuft to 20cm, of brilliant steel-blue, needle-like foliage, with insignificant...

  • Pot Size9cm pot2L pot

Festuca gla. Golden Toupee

A compact, mound-forming grass with needle-like leaves that are bright yellow in spring, later becoming...

  • Pot Size9cm pot2L pot

Ficus car. Brown Turkey

A large deciduous shrub with bold, deeply lobed leaves and insignificant flowers followed by edible...

  • Pot Size3L pot15L pot25L pot

Ficus car. Brunswick

A spreading, deciduous shrub or small tree with rounded, deeply lobed, mid- to dark green...

  • Pot Size3L pot10L pot15L pot25L pot
Fuchsia Magellanica

Fuchsia Magellanica

Makes an attractive hedge in milder areas, where it can remain semi-evergreen. Flowers have scarlet...

  • Pot Size3L pot

Fuchsia Riccartonii

An upright medium-sized deciduous shrub with small ovate leaves. Flowers small, with crimson tube and...

  • Pot Size9cm pot10L pot
Fuchsia Sunray

Fuchsia Sunray

Deciduous. Green, cream, pink leaves. Purple red flowers. Full sun or partial shade. All soil...

  • Pot Size3L pot