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Paving a patio area is not only a practical solution to a garden area but one that can offer you the chance to design your garden in a more imaginative way.

Breaking up grassy areas with natural stone paving or sealing off parts for seating is made possible by the use of paving.

Artificial Turf

Like many developments in science, fake turf has only grown to become less of a fabricated supplement and more of a comparison to real grass.

Yet less hassle all round and not open to harm or wear from the elements.

Porcelain Tiles

The future of paving is porcelain and the Esterno range reflects all the beauty and benefits of this new range. The low porosity surface resists stains and algae growth.

The easier to clean surface ensures more time enjoying your outdoor space and less time maintaining it.

Composite Decking

If natural stone is unable to offer the desired effect and wooden decking doesn’t fit the bill, why not look at composite decking?

Amalgamated decking, as supplied by Millboard, is wood free, requires little maintenance and enhances any area.

Natural Stone Features

Gardens provide a wealth of opportunity to design and express yourself. A design can be personal, borrowed or completely unique.

It is a way of putting your own, individual stamp on your garden.