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Tamarix Pink Cascade

Tamarix Pink Cascade

An evergreen shrub with pink flowers and mid green dramatic foliage. Good for costal sites

  • Pot Size3L pot

Taxodium distichum

A deciduous coniferous tree with a conical crown. Fibrous red-brown bark and soft, feathery, light...

  • Pot Size3L pot
Taxus bac. Aurea

Taxus bac. Aurea

Golden Yew. Ideal for hedging. A narrow columnar, beautiful yellow-green coloured conifer. Densely compact this slow...

  • Pot Size10L pot
  • EvergreenEvergreen

Taxus bac. Elegantissima

Often used as a hedging plant because of its dense foliage and ability to tolerate...

  • Pot Size9cm pot5L pot10L pot
Taxus bac. Fast. Aureomarginata

Taxus bac. Fast. Aureomarginata

A large, compact evergreen shrub, columnar when young, later broadly columnar, the erect shoots with...

  • Pot Size9cm pot3L pot
  • EvergreenEvergreen

Taxus bac. Fastigata

A large, bushy, upright evergreen shrub, columnar when young, later broader, with erect shoots bearing...

  • Pot Size9cm pot10L pot

Taxus bac. Fastigiata Robusta

A coniferous tree that forms a very slow growing, dense, broad column with a multi-pointed...

  • Pot Size9cm pot3L pot10L pot

Taxus bac. Repens aurea

A low, wide-spreading evergreen shrub with narrow leathery leaves edged yellow when young, later cream

  • Pot Size5L pot

Taxus bac. Semperaurea

A large, bushy evergreen shrub, eventually wider than tall, with erect branches and dense golden-yellow...

  • Pot Size5L pot

Taxus bac. Summergold

A low evergreen conifer with broadly spreading branches of yellow leaves in summer becoming green...

  • Pot Size9cm pot

Taxus baccata

A medium-sized bushy evergreen tree with narrow, leathery, very dark green leaves arranged in two...

  • Pot Size9cm pot3L pot25L pot
  • EvergreenEvergreen

Teucrium chamaedrys

Attractive, dark green, fragrant foliage. Light pink to deep purple flowers which blossom in summer...

  • Pot Size2L pot