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Helictotrichon sempervirens

A dense tufted evergreen grass with rather rigid blue-grey leaves to 23cm in length. Small,...

  • Pot Size9cm pot2L pot

Helwingia chinensis

An unusual shrub that has white flowers that sit on top of the dark green...

  • Pot Size9cm pot3L pot

Hemoracallis stella d’oro

This bright yellow flowered daylily has a long blooming period, producing ruffled flowers over four...

  • Pot Size5L pot

Hoheria stardust

A large but compact evergreen shrub of broadly columnar habit, with narrowly ovate, jaggedly toothed...

  • Pot Size3L pot
Hydrangea arb. Annabelle

Hydrangea arb. Annabelle

A small, bushy deciduous shrub with broadly oval leaves and very large, spherical heads of...

  • Pot Size9cm pot3L pot10L pot

Hydrangea mac. Altona

Large heads of rich-pink to dark purple-blue flowers from July to August and coarsely toothed,...

  • Pot Size9cm pot3L pot10L pot

Hydrangea pan. Vanille Fraise

A vigorous, upright to spreading, deciduous shrub with, mid-green leaves. Strongly vanilla scented conical panicles...

  • Pot Size9cm pot3L pot

Hydrangea Petiolaris

A deciduous shrub usually grown as a self-clinging climber, but also suitable for cultivation as...

  • Pot Size9cm pot3L pot