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Abelia floribunda

A bushy evergreen shrub, producing masses of bright cerise-pink tubular flowers in summer against a...

  • Pot Size9cm pot3L pot

Abelia grandiflora

A medium-sized semi-evergreen shrub with arching branches, bearing small glossy oval leaves and clusters of...

  • Pot Size9cm pot3L pot10L pot

Abelia Triflora

A large shrub or tree with small dark green leaves and in Summer produces masses...

  • Pot Size9cm pot3L pot10L pot

Abies koreana

A compact tree of conical outline, with dark green needle-like leaves white beneath, and handsome...

  • Pot Size3L pot10L pot

Abies Nordmanniana

An evergreen conifer with narrow conical or columnar crown, with dense, glossy dark green foliage...

  • Pot Size3L pot20L pot40L pot

Abutilon Kentish bell

A compact, semi-evergreen shrub with arching shoots and three-lobed, triangular-ovate leaves. Flowers bell-shaped, with orange-yellow...

  • Pot Size9cm pot3L pot

Acacia baileyana

A large, graceful evergreen shrub to 6m in height, with fern-like, silvery-grey leaves and axillary...

  • Pot Size9cm pot3L pot10L pot

Acacia baileyana Purprea

Small tree or large shrub with graceful, fern-like leaves tinted purple and deep purple-red young...

  • Pot Size9cm pot

Acacia dealbata

An evergreen shrub with finely divided grey-green leaves and fragrant yellow flowerheads, borne in terminal...

  • Pot Size9cm pot3L pot10L pot

Acacia pravissima

An evergreen shrub with crowded, triangular leaves and racemes of small rich yellow flower-heads in...

  • Pot Size3L pot10L pot

Acca sellowiana

An evergreen shrub with grey-green leaves densely white-felted on the underside. In summer, flowers with...

  • Pot Size9cm pot3L pot

Acer campestre

A medium-sized deciduous tree with a compact bushy crown. Leaves with 5 blunt lobes, turning...

  • Pot Size2L pot